Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Favorite talk so far

Granted the conference pretty much just started, my favorite talk so far was Stephen Muggleton's talk on computational biology. I was especially interested in the idea of the robot scientist and using ILP for systems biology. He said that he hoped his talk would provide inspiration in the field, and I thought it did. I really bought in to what he was saying about how it's an exciting time for AI because we can apply our tools to this very interesting domain of biological/chemical research that has tons of data and tons of real world applicability. Anyone else seen a talk they really liked so far?


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I saw several very good talks, but I think my favorite was Bruce Buchanan's invited talk on Knowledge. I enjoyed it because it gave a very grand scale overview of Knowledge, and really made one both think and appreciate the history that underlies AAAI. I guess this isn't exactly a AAAI talk however, I think it was an IAAI invited talk. And of course an invited talk is different than a technical paper talk...

So, I think the technical paper talk I enjoyed the most was by Oren Etzioni on Machine Reading. Very well presented, and quite thought provoking. But, that was just one of several very good talks that I saw.

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