Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hola from Boston

I arrived Boston on Thursday. Stayed 2 nights at the HI-Boston and today moved to the Seaport hotel. If you are already here & would like to hang out tonight - feel free to post a message! Some tips from my stay here:
1. Not all Subway station have the "new payment system". Actually most of them still use tokens so do not buy a card with much credit.
2. It is very easy to get to Seaport and to HI-Boston with the T. Both are less than 2 minutes from Subway stations.
3. Freedom trail is a must. It takes 3-4 hours if you stop for photos (& ice-cream). You can do it yourself. A map with info is available for $2 at the info center (Park station).
4. Nightlife - the area near the Fenway park (home of Red-Sox) is the spot, with lot's of bars and night clubs. Avalon is a nice club. Yesterday the cover was $15. Drinks are quite expensive ($10 for vodka-redbull).
5. HI-Boston is a very nice hostel ith nice people but the rooms are very small.
6. Seaport is great :)

C ya,


Blogger Martin Michalowski said...

Thanks for the info. I'm probably going to head to Fenway for a Bosox game on Tuesday if I can get tickets. I arrived today about walked for a while. Quincy Market is a pretty busy place (very touristy but isn't that what we are...). Boston Commons is a nice walk and the area is nice. And I agree that the Seaport is really nice, I wish I was staying there...

4:38 PM  
Blogger Adam Vogel said...

Regarding Red Sox tickets: all of the games are sold out (at least for the past year and a half or so). Most of the scalpers congregated around the corner of Brookline and Yawkey if I recall correctly. The tickets at face value are already pretty pricey and the scalpers mark them up a lot. If you do some bartering and wait until right before the game starts, the prices drop. I saw bleacher tickets going for $80, but I was able to get $40 tickets for $55. YMMV.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Martin Michalowski said...

There were actually some tickets available online through the red sox's website(for the tuesday game). bleacher seats, $23 however now they are not available anymore. Should have bought them yesterday :(
I think I might go and try to work the scalpers a little bit...

5:41 AM  

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